1. The Durag Hall of Shame.

    Despite an overabundance of quality durag moments over the years , there’s also been a long-running sprint in the opposite direction. Instead of embracing the tried and true wisdom of the Durag Elders, the Durag Dynasty , there’s been plenty of cases of bad judgment in the durag game. In no particular order, we now list some of the most SMH-inducing moments in durag history.

    WARNING: It ain’t pretty.


    7. Kevin Federline's Britney Days.

    Word is that every time Kevin Federline sported a durag, before his XXL years, a hip-hop angel lost its MPC.

    6. Jamie Foxx's Durag at the Beach.

    Are words necessary?

    5. Coolio's Sausage Rolls Durag.

    Just in case you didn’t already know, Coolio’s look wasn’t Durag Dynasty-approved. More from the Elders: “His sausage casings durag? You can’t just make durag moves on your own like that. You have to talk to the board of durags: the Elders. Namsayin’?”

    4. Seagram's Durag 2-for-1 Special.

    Someone’s 9-to-5 was to put this together. Let that soak in for a little.

    (Photo via AT2W)

    3. The 76ers' Hip-Hop Mascot.

    For those that don’t remember, the Philadelphia 76ers lived in the durag world beyond just Allen Iverson. But it wasn’t neccerssarily a good look for them. Essentially their mascot was, as Durag Dynasty recalls, “a rabbit with sunglasses and a durag… called Hip-Hop. Haha.”

    One look at his picture and you have to agree with DD that, “somebody got fired” for this.

    But the Durag Dynasty turn any negative into a positive: “We might have to use him for the next Durag Dynasty video, man. We can get Hip-Hop, the durag-rockin’ rabbit.”

    2. WSHH WTF Moment.

    This is your durag on drugs . NSFW!

    1. The TsuRag.

    If you got Lake Placid waves, the TsuRag, a stringless durag, promises to give you 360 waves dames can surf on. But Durag Dynasty aren’t impressed, in fact, they’ve never been more insulted: “That’s blasphemous. You’re trying to do God’s work. ”

    It isn’t ego trip’s job to point out that a stringless durag is like a bike without wheels, but we’re going to anyway. Durag Dynasty think it’s even more egregious than that: “[It’s like] trying to reinvent the wheel. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.”

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