1. Durag Dynasty — "Durag Dynasty Theme" (prod. by The Alchemist) (AUDIO).


    Just the pic of the Showtime Lakers Kareem, James Worthy and Magic rockin' hairdo protectors from the 'hood is reason enough to post the most recent Durag Dynasty banger. Good thing the song goes hard, too as rappers Planet Asia , Tristate , and Killer Ben do their best to murderalize the treacherous Alchemist beat. And to think, this is just the pre-game. The Durag Dynasty Click's championship season officially starts on March 12 with the release of the 360 Waves album. (In other words, that's the date the game is in the refrigerator. Word to Chick Hearn.)

    "...Rog Troutman, Zapp you with the talkbox..."

    (If you want, give 'em your email and you can download "DRDC Theme" for FREE from Nature Sounds HERE .)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Haha...closed it w/that Wild Style shit! Heat Rocks.