1. The 10 Best Moments in Durag History (With Durag Dynasty).

    No matter which way you spell it — if you take the Wikipedia route and hyphenate the “do” to the “rag,” if you go with the double nugget like Nas does on The Lost Tapes , or as Durag Dynasty do, sprinkle a little regal flavor on it by going with a  “u” — you should only rock a durag after getting consent from the Durag Elders. Who are the Durag Elders? Well, none other than Planet Asia , TriState , and Killer Ben , who make up Durag Dynasty.

    Their durag operation also happens to be overlooked by supreme production talent  The Alchemist . They’ve even appointed Eminem as Chief Durag Inspector cause he “knows the perfect measurements on where the durag is supposed to go.” And, of course, Jay-Z is the Spokesman for the Durag Nation.

    So, take note as Durag Dynasty take us through some of the best moments in durag history. The Elders have spoken.


    10. Nas' "Doo Rags" From The Lost Tapes.

    No list would be complete without Nas Escobar. Durag Dynasty cast their vote for number 10 by finishing each others’ lines off of the classic Nas joint, “Doo Rags.”

    “The doo rags are back, fitted hats, snorkels and furs…”

    “…Rikers Island buses still packed, what’s the word?”

    9. Jay-Z Almost Commits Career Suicide.

    Before he was rubbing shoulders with presidents and Russian billionaires, the Jigga Man was known to don a durag or two. Some rumors have him popularizing the ole t-shirt as a durag style. But not everyone was down with Hova’s penchant for the rag. As Durag Dynasty points out, “Jay-Z almost sacrificed his career for the durag.” Almost makes you want to shed a tear.

    8. Rass Kass' Multi-Purpose Durag.

    Durag Dynasty: “Got to give it to Rass Kass, man. He wears his to the club, takes it off in the club, and then puts it on when he leaves the club. It’s his jacket. He checks his durag at the coat check.”

    7. Steven Seagal in Half Past Dead.

    The martial arts guru makes the cut over his well-known durag-er costar Ja Rule because, as Durag Dynasty put it, his turn as a durag-wearing criminal agent is, “so unexpected.”

    6. Hulk Hogan on Arsenio Hall X2.

    It doesn’t matter if you thought all this time that the Hulkster only wore bandannas. Durag Dynasty give their Stamp of Durag Approval on either one of Hogan’s durags (which he wore on 1989 and 1991 while on the show).

    Durag Dynasty: “Fire, man, fire.”

    5. 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' Cover.

    There might not be a more iconic durag moment.

    Durag Dynasty: “Eminem got his durag style from Fifty. Fifty really commercialized the whole durag thing.”

    For those of you who didn’t know, “G-Unit made durags. They actually made durags, though. In a package and everything.” Collector’s item, anyone?

    4. "Memphis Bleek's Whole Life."

    Bleek gets number four, “for being the most dedicated durag-er on Earth.” A quick Google Image search shows you that Durag Dynasty ain’t wrong.

    3. Sam Perkins Takes One For The Team.

    Never one to avoid controversy, Sam Perkins did what no other NBA player has had the nads to do: sport a durag in-game.

    Durag Dynasty: “That’s a big step for durags. He’s putting himself on the front lines for durags. You gotta respect that.”

    2. Eminem Accepts Grammy With Durag-ed Dome.

    Sure, Eminem might be the Chief Durag Inspector but his Grammy win at the 45th Grammy Awards had nothing to do with him.

    Durag Dynasty: “The durag is the one who won the Grammy. He accepted the audience award on behalf of the durag. The durag’s the one who wrote all the rhymes. Without the durag nothing goes down.”

    Now you know.

    1. The Obama Durag.

    Like many other Presidential mysteries, we might never get to the bottom of this one — whether Obama’s rocking a backwards cap or as Snoop Dogg once put it “he wears a doo-rag like me.” But despite the mystery, the Durag Dynasty is convinced on the latter: “You can see a line across his head, though his waves aren’t very regal. He definitely has a line across his head. As the President, he has to keep it on the lay low.”

    The durag, that is.

    Road To The Durag

    In ego trip and Durag Dynasty’s quest for The 10 Best Moments In Durag History, one thing became clear:

    1. There’s a lot of exemplary durag wearers out there. Carmelo has a “dual citizenship” in durag wearing because he likes to rock the durag/headband look. There’s also Masta Killa, Ray J “The Durag-er,” Da Brat, Jaheim, “CHAMILLIONAIRE!,” R. Kelly, Allen Iverson, Nick Cannon, LL Cool J in the “Fatty Girl” music video, Bodie and Snoop from The Wire, “NELLY!,” Method Man, and new durag talent, Riff Raff and Tyler, The Creator. (Also, as an added ego trip bonus: Jeffrey Tambor ).

    And remember, according to Durag Dynasty there’s going to be a resurgence of durags. Starting now, started by them.

    “Do not fight it; embrace the durag.”

    Durag, out.

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