1. Which Rap Euphemism For Drug Dealer Is YOUR Favorite? (POLL)

    Earlier today, Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid dropped his music video for “Chicken Man.” It must be awesome because it’s got 47 gazillion views on Worldstar and counting. Yet despite the fact that there’s quite a bit of poultry consumed in this clip, we’ve seen New Jack City enough times to realize that this song ain’t about fowl play. It’s about foul play. Drogas . The burning question, though, has nothing to do with illegal business but terminology. Mainly: how does “Chicken Man” as a term stack up against the pantheon of rap drug dealer-man euphemisms? Vote now! Let your voice be heard!


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    1. "Chicken Man"

    Colonel Sanders had a name for people like this: Employee of the Month!

    2. "Ice Cream Man"

    Master P is the ghetto Ben & Jerry.

    3. "The Coca-Cola Man"

    Dru Down has a product motto: “Can’t beat the feeling.”

    4. "The Mail Man"

    E-40 has a special delivery for anybody that F’s with his fetti.

    5. "Candy Man"

    Gucci and Three 6 lookin’ for customers with a sweet tooth for Skittles.

    6. "Birdman"

    Cash Money big cheese made a whole lotta cheddar to stay fly like an eagle.

    7. "Dummy Man"

    Krayzie Bone sellin’ crumbs to make that bread.

    8. "Dope Man"

    The neighborhood dealer is not a nice guy. He’ll sell crack to your sister and make her sick.

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