1. A Drinking Game For ‪Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz’s “Mercy” Music Video.‬

    Hey, since it’s happy hour somewhere in the world at this very moment, here’s a drinking game to even better enhance your viewing experience of the new body-doubled, digitally sophistimacated “Mercy” music video. The Rules are simple…

    “Mercy” Video Drinking Game Rules:

    1. Any time a rapper duplicates, take two swigs.

    2. Every time Yeezy makes a noise that sounds like a small furry animal having a hernia, make a toast to someone’s pet.

    3. Any time Cudi spazzes out, you must go sit alone in the corner like this , and drink.

    4. Any time you think see a haute couture-wearing ninja, drink.

    5. Any time anyone does something that reminds you of this , drink.

    6. Any time you think you hear someone rap “ Mummenschanz ,” drink.

    7. Any time you wish a rapper’s verse was left off the song, drink.

    8. Last ninja standing wins!

    WARNING: Remember to pass keys to the Lambo to someone not playing. Interpretative rap dance is awesome — till someone gets hurt.

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