1. Dr. Dre's The $20 Sack Pyramid Game Played Live (VIDEO).


    Can we get a "Hell yeah!"? It's Dre Day once again, that special time of year where everyone feels forever (Andre) Young. Numerous celebrations popped off across the country this weekend in honor of the day that the muthafuckin' Doctor was born. And now the muthafuckin' saga continues with a look at a Dre Day tradition, in which upstanding rap citizens turn the funny-ass "$20 Sack Pyramid" skit off The Chronic into a real life game.

    From Dre Day 2009. For more about the origins of Dre Day, revisit Cosmo Baker's post from a few years back, HERE .

    (Props to Mr40Ruff for the upload)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • OG Henny Loc

      where's Boot-Knee Farmsworth?

    • Bootsy Lee Farnsworth

      thats not how you spell my name, playa.

    • OG Henny Loc

      you need a L.A-boot-n-knee/lobotomy, you brain crip.pled bastid.

      i'll kick you out your wheelchair n inta your deathbed. sucka.

    • Bootsy Lee Farnsworth

      you sound like my kinda woman, fancy a date?

    • OG Henny Loc

      yeah, ok... but only if you a real G/20 sack pyramid winna.

      skype me...

    • Bootsy Lee Farnsworth

      no. bitch.