1. Drake: "Take Care"... The (Album Art) Remixes.


    Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care , was officially released this week. Whether your panties are wet with anticipation of its arrival (a condition not exclusive to Drizzy’s female fans, BTW ), or you couldn’t give a flying fusk about the rappin’ Torontonian, one thing’s for certain: the LP’s sad sack cover art featuring Drake – eyes cast downwards, unibrow furrowed – contemplating something profoundly somber (maybe a really deep tweet?) while seated in the corner booth of the loneliest five-star restaurant in the world, feels just a wee bit too self-pityingly neo Canadian Gothic.

    Hey, Drake, we know you’re a sensitive guy, and that’s your thing, but YOU ARE SERIOUSLY BUMMING US OUT, MAN. Take Care – at least cosmetically – could really use a remix. Something to lighten the mood a little. It’s rap – it’s fun, right? Remember fun?

    Here at ego trip headquarters we’ve taken the liberty of re-imagining the LP cover with some different concepts. So without further ado we present Drake’s Take Care: The Album Cover Remixes . Take a look.


    Take Out

    Take Shit

    Take Off, Hosers

    Take Notice

    Fake Hair

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • RoeLuv

      Finger. On. Pulse. This is funny shit my vote: Take a shower

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    • http://www.manwall.com man wall

      Take A Shit needs to be followed up with actual audio remixes

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