1. Drake: "Take Care"... The (Album Art) Remixes.


    Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care, was officially released this week. Whether your panties are wet with anticipation of its arrival (a condition not exclusive to Drizzy’s female fans, BTW), or you couldn’t give a flying fusk about the rappin’ Torontonian, one thing’s for certain: the LP’s sad sack cover art featuring Drake – eyes cast downwards, unibrow furrowed – contemplating something profoundly somber (maybe a really deep tweet?) while seated in the corner booth of the loneliest five-star restaurant in the world, feels just a wee bit too self-pityingly neo Canadian Gothic.

    Hey, Drake, we know you’re a sensitive guy, and that’s your thing, but YOU ARE SERIOUSLY BUMMING US OUT, MAN. Take Care – at least cosmetically – could really use a remix. Something to lighten the mood a little. It’s rap – it’s fun, right? Remember fun?

    Here at ego trip headquarters we’ve taken the liberty of re-imagining the LP cover with some different concepts. So without further ado we present Drake’s Take Care: The Album Cover Remixes. Take a look.


    Take Out

    Take Shit

    Take Off, Hosers

    Take Notice

    Fake Hair

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • RoeLuv

      Finger. On. Pulse. This is funny shit my vote: Take a shower

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      Take A Shit needs to be followed up with actual audio remixes

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