1. WATCH: Drake Impersonates Lil' Wayne.


    It ain't Sunday yet, but if we can just take a moment to confess that we sometimes can't tell the difference between Lil' Wayne and Drake when they're on the same track, it would make us feel a whole lot better. Part of the reason we can come clean now is 'cause of this video clip, in which veteran British radio personality Tim Westwood gets the sassy Degrassi alum to demonstrate his impression of his Young Moolah boss, and what do you know - Drake nails it. It's not every day we give the Canadian Mountie of R&B props. So enjoy this fleeting moment while it lasts.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • HughPhug

      if my grand father (87ish) had AIDs he'd be a ringer for Tim Westwood. i wish my grand father spoke like Tim Westwood, i would have kicked the cunts teeth through the back of his head by now