1. 10 Reason’s Dr Pepper’s “I (Heart) DP” Slogan is NOT an Epic Marketing Fail.

    As some of you may have heard, last week members of the Dr Pepper street team were spotted on the sidewalks of NY handing out cans of the soda to pedestrians while sporting T-shirts with the soft drink giant’s new slogan: “I (Heart) DP.” Apparently, nobody at Dr Pepper realized that “DP” is more notoriously known not as the abbreviation for “Dr Pepper,” but for “double penetration” (Google those last two words and stand the hell back if for some reason you absolutely need further clarification). Reaction around the Web has, of course, ranged from copious ridicule to extra-stoopid-retarted-copious ridicule. But we here in egotripland think Dr Pepper’s new slogan is anything BUT an epic marketing fail.

    Here are 10 reasons why…

    1. All the kids are doing it.

    2. Far more concise than the original catch phrase: “Wouldn’t You Like To Be Double Penetrated, Too?”

    3. New slogan goes perfectly with its latest flavor variation: “Sloppy Seconds.”

    4. Hotel bill split three ways = #winning.

    5. Had to double the pleasure since ordering a Coke makes you feel like this .

    6. Spokesperson Dr. Dre already well familiar with DP… Tha Dogg Pound, silly!

    7. Other perfectly acceptable things “DP” could stand for: “Doin’ Push-ups,” “Darn-good Pho,” “Dominican Power!,” and “Drake, please! (STFU).”

    8. Simply reinforces Dr Pepper’s status as the Dom P of peculiar-tasting soft drinks.

    9. Freaky ninjas are the thirstiest!

    10. Citibank’s proposed new slogan – “I (Heart) ATM” – way worse.

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