1. AUDIO: DOV ft. Bekay — "Ghost Rhymer."


    Our man J-Zone told about this one. Seems a 16-year-old student at Brooklyn’s now infamous James Madison High School — dubbed "Horndog High" by NYC tabloids after a series of sex scandals beginning in 2009 kept poppin' up — has dropped a dis record going at all the faculty accused of misconduct. Rhyming over the 2000 instrumental for Skillz's revelatory "Ghost Writer," DOV drops dime on all the sordid episodes that rocked the Midwood school grounds (the alma mater of Chris Rock, btw), from alleged lesbian romps between a Spanish teacher and French teacher to the English instructor who reportedly slept with one of her students to an assistant principal accused of sexual harassment. But that's not all, the teen also dishes dirt on other school gossip including racism, homophobia, and rampant drug use. (Come to think of it, this shit's a little like the "Rap Up," too, for dysfunctional institutions of learning.) It should be noted that the names of the accused have been edited out, although like Skillz' record, Dov ends it by promising if the staff keeps fuckin' around he'll put this back out with their names in it. Listen after recess...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • DEEES

      The kid has mad skills<<<no pum!!! Good luck youngin the games a whore!

    • egotrip

      Yessirrr.... Kid's got more skills than he's got hair on his chin. Gonna be watching for this young buck.

    • sarah Q

      He is actually a really GREAT writer and I love that at 16 it seems there is hope for the golden era of amazing real hip hop to come back!!! Yay for Dovey! YOU GO YOUNG Man, THIS IS HOW I USED TO LISTEN TO IT WHEN I WAS `16, I MEAN I'M ONLY 30, BUT IT'S CHANGED SO MUCH, AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY THE MUSIC KIND OS HAS LOST IT FOUNDATION BUT ANYWAY BLESS YOU LITTLE GUY, AND SO AT 16 Adorable! :)