1. Dope Folks Records Presents Rainy Day Blunted Rap Mix (AUDIO).

    Chris from Dope Folks says: Here’s a short old mix I made awhile back that I thought still sounded good today… Perfect for the hoodie time of year.

    Track List:

    East Side Hustlas — The Rain
    Brazy — Life/Good news
    Strictly Homicidal — Just Imagine
    The Nonce — Who Falls Apart
    Encore — Think Twice
    Storm ft. Cinque — Desert Storm
    Subcontents — Underbomber Theories
    Juggaknots — Loosifa
    Group Home — Up Against The Wall (Remix)
    Homeliss Derelix — Operations
    Roc Marciano — Ridin’ Around
    Sacred Hoop — Instrumental

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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