1. Dope Folks Records Presents “Illwaukee Represent” (Milwaukee Hip-Hop Mixtape 2015) (AUDIO).

    Dope Folks says: Happy Milwaukee Day! Check out this mixtape made entirely of Milwaukee artists. All the tracks are taken from 12″ vinyl singles and 45s. ILLWAUKEE REPRESENT!!!

    Track List:

    Rock La Flow — RWD/Wreckamic
    Stranj Child — Split Personality
    Kali Tribe — Kalism Remix
    Slim — Can U Get It?
    Bruthaman — All My Peepz
    Rusty Pelicans — Like I Do
    Minus After — Yellow Corvettes
    Def Harmonic — Spaced Out
    Kid Millions (ft Rusty P’s) — Tuff Wit My Stuff
    Rusty P’s — Is it Live (Rob Smith Remix)
    Hundred Strong ft J Todd — Hardcore Poetry
    Automatic ft. Logic: The Back Up
    Dana Coppafeel — Invincible
    King Hell Bastard — Ma’Waukee
    Innerstance Beatbox ft. Kerse One — Tekniques
    Rhetoric (Top Floor Fam) — Love Or the Loot
    Innerstance Beatbox ft. Lunaversol 9 — Angel Bomb
    KHB & Stricklin of EMC — North Coast
    Mind Pimp (Top Floor Fam)n— She Never Loved Me
    J-Slim outro…

    [Via Dope Folks Records ]

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