1. LISTEN: Dope Folks Records 2015 Sampler (AUDIO).


    A lot of that '90s era feel on here. Check it out.

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    Dope Folks Records 2015 Sampler Track List:

    1. OMNISCENCE — “Represent” from “Raw Factors Pt. 3″ (DF0054)
    2. YOUNG ZEE — “Everybody Get (Q-Tip Remix)” from “Musical Meltdown Pt. 2″ (DF0051)
    3. EXAMPLE — ft. D-Rose of Flow Factory “D.T.S.” from “Progressions: The Austin St. Suites” (DF0052)
    4. RAST RFC — “Back in the Daze” from “Across West 3rd Street” (DF0059)
    5. THA ALKAHOLIKS — “Mr. Troublemaker” from “Alkaholiks E.S.P. Demos” (DF0053)
    6. MIC RIPPA — “96 Creamhunt” from “Mr. Mic Rippa” (DF0062)
    7. DEEP IN DA CIRCLE — “Star of Da Show” from “Deep Waters” EP (DF0065)
    8. RAS KASS, VOOODU!, ALMIGHTY ARROGANT, SAAFIR — “Handle the Truth” from “Pre-Soul On Ice Demos” (DF0060)
    9. SIM CITY feat. ROC MARCIANO — “Sole Progression” from “Killed By Def Vol.3: SIM-E” (DF0055)
    10. WILL VILL — “Outshine The Sun” from “The Arrival” Pt.1 (DF0058)
    11. BLACK SHEEP — “Give it Up” from “Early 90’s Rarities” (DF0050)
    12. DJ STITCHES & RHYME VALORE — “These Are the Dayz” from “Another Sleepless Night” EP (DF0060)
    13. COURAGEOUS CHIEF — “Like That” from “The Birth of Popa Chief” (DF0062)
    14. MONSTA ISLAND CZARS (KAMACKERIS) — “Mad World” from “The Come Up” (DF0056)
    15. SNAFU! — “Blunt Smokers” from “Blunt Smokers 95-98″ (DF0066)
    16. SCHOOL DAYZE — “Put Me On” from “Killed By Def Vol. 3: SIM-E” (DF0055)
    17. DARC MIND — “Lyrical Blunt” from “Antediluvian Vol.2″ (DF0057)
    18. WARRIORS OF SHAOLIN — “Network the Knowledge” from “Killed By Def Vol. 4: THE WHITE SHADOW” (DF0062)
    19. DIVINE BEINGS ft. BLACK THOUGHT “We Can Get Fly” from “Whatever Tracks” (DF0048)

    [Via Wax Poetics ]

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