1. DJ Doo Wop ft. Snaggapuss & Shady Ray – "Stay Making Moves" (AUDIO).


    Those that know, know. Those Doo Wop mixtapes with the Bounce Squad back in the day were the shiznit. But just as we thought that he had exited stage left for good, it appears that fan favorite, Snaggapuss , he of the cartoon-influenced voice and flow, is still around! Check out "Stay Making Moves" for a bit of that flashback feel, especially if you like Mike Tyson 'n' Robin Givens references in late 2012.

    [Via Nah Right ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • JJ

      Those 90s dudes really don't like slimmer-fitting denims, do they? Great photo, too - I like how the dude in the blue hat conveys complete disinterest, while Doowop keeps it really, really real.

    • felix


    • Daniel Beaulieu

      Is this Shady Ray from Dirty Face Angels fame?