1. FOUND ON THE INTERWEBZ: The “Do Not Never Ever Buy” List From a Chicago Record Shop.

    Maybe the best thing to hit the Internetz today: the above notice to all employees at Laurie’s Planet of Sound instructing them on what used CDs/ vinyl NOT to purchase from customers selling their second-hand ish. Seems the proprietors of the Chi-Town record shop have an aversion to (or are perhaps swimming in overstock of?) certain artists – specifically Sting, Korn, Kid Rock and others. They’ve also singled out “2nd Tier Hip-Hop” as a no-no (seems poor Bubba Sparxxx is mentioned by name). In addition, the store has an APB out on “lame/sucky soundtracks.” Then perhaps realizing that most modern movie soundtracks suck, someone consequently added, “almost all soundtracks!!” Is there a heaven for unwanted, no-resale-value music? If there is, its name ain’t Laurie’s.

    [via The Stool Pigeon . Thanks to Holly B.]

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