1. SEE, HEAR: "Don't Do It" — New York City Transit Authority Anti-Graffiti PSA (1988).


    This 1988 "educational video" courtesy of the the New York Transit Museum Archives is one of them crime doesn't pay spots aimed at curbing vandalism through fear tactics. Well, if anyone is scared in this video it surely isn't the Nike-clad "graffiti writer" who cheerfully whistles his way while hitting up a wall at the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn. The heavy (and awesome) synth soundtrack at the start is straight out of a straight to video B-movie action thriller and the music during the "chase" scene has got T.J. Hooker cutting room floor written all over it. "Some people think vandalizing MTA property is fun," says the moonlighting Quiet Storm DJ of a narrator. By the looks of this PSA, why yes it is. Peep it after the fill in...

    "Don't Do It."

    The real message of "Don't Do It" is don't write on walls if you're a toy. That "Kool" throw up might make you do just that.

    BONUS: New York City Subway (42 Street-Times Square) Footage (1986).

    Flashback to the "real" NYC. The proof is the graffiti-riddled subway cars.
    (Props to Youtube user ‪RailroadPacific‬ for the original footage.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Dulchy 55

      Three things:

      1) That stop-n-frisk part was kinda... sexy
      2) I kept imagining friggin' Robo Cop was gonna burst through the walls
      3) Viva Ramo!

    • http://tytyindustries.com Tyrone Fuller

      toy niggas need to get arrest every time. word to Billy Dee Williams.