1. Experimental Wall Shelving: It's On Like Donkey Kong. Really. (GALLERY)


    Oh yes, the '80's. When we weren't listening to rap, we were probably playing video games. And like most everyone else during that decade, we dropped mad quarters chasing Donkey Kong after he straight knocked our favorite shorty, Pauline, and took her to that still-under-construction deluxe apartment in the sky. Now those halcyon days of yore are revisted via designer Igor Chak's experimental shelving modeled after the girders from that fondly remembered arcade diversion.

    Says Igor Chak:

    "I came across an old scenario that has been embedded in my childhood memory…The colorful steel beams of Donkey Kong and I started to wonder, what happens to all those video game props when games become old….do they get stored away in a digital world or do they fade away with time? The famous steel beams from Donkey Kong have served their time but I could not pass by such an ingenious design…. So as a designer I though how can I encourage Mario to take this back. I’m sure with popularity of Mario he is not a simple plumber anymore and he wouldn’t want some rusty beat up steel beams at his place but he would probably need some kind of sweet looking wall to put his awards and trophies on."

    Word up, Igor. Like the fictional skyscraper-in-progress that Mario must scale to save Pauline, the DK shelves are a combination of steel and glass, with a little carbon fiber thrown in for good measure. Each shelf can support up to 60lbs.

    The price for all this retro-dopeness? We have no idea as the shelves are currently not for sale. But just in case they ever will, we're already saving our "quarters" (as in "rooms," get it? Ha ha ha.)

    [via Design Milk ]

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