1. Listen to Gilles Peterson's Donald Byrd Tribute Mixes (AUDIO).


    Since the news of Donald Byrd 's passing broke a few weeks back many tribute mixes have hit the Web. Gilles Peterson , however, may be the ideal guide to pay thorough homage to the career of this jazz giant. Here, the longtime BBC Radio host and jazz/rare groove connoisseur offers a tribute in two parts - the first focusing on Byrd's timeless hard bop acoustic work and a second dedicated to his electric years, encompassing his historic collaborations with producers Larry and Fonce Mizell. RIP Donald Byrd, 1932-2013. Listen below.

    Part 1 - The Acoustic Years

    1. I’ve Longed & Searched For My Mother
    2. Here I Am
    3. Fuego
    4. Ghana
    5. Janine
    6. You’re Next
    7. French Spice
    8. Christo Redentor
    9. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
    10. Slow Drag
    11. Blackjack
    12. Mustang
    13. Kofi

    Part 2 - The Electric Years

    01. The Donald Byrd Seven – Kwame – Recorded live in Boston
    02. Donald Byrd – Blackbyrd
    03. The Blackbyrds – Baby
    04. Donald Byrd – Lansana’s Priestess
    05. Donald Byrd – Street Lady
    06. Donald Byrd – Dance Band
    07. Donald Byrd – Wild Life
    08. Donald Byrd – (Fallin’ Like) Dominoes (Live)
    09. The Blackbyrds – Time Is Moving
    10. Donald Byrd – Think Twice
    11. Donald Byrd – You & The Music
    12. Donald Byrd – Wilford’s Gone
    13. Donald Byrd – I Feel Like Loving You Today
    14. Donald Byrd – Wind Parade
    15. Donald Byrd – Pretty Baby
    16. Donald Byrd – Loving You
    17. Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around
    18. Konald Byrd – Lansana’s Priestess (Kon Re-Edit)

    [via Gilles Peterson Worldwide ]

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    • i just spam/dont mean any harm

      R.I.P Donald Byrd.

      Gilles Peterson knows his stuff... if i lived closer to him, and owned a truck, i'd ram-raid his gaff, rob his vaults n leg it...(not a multiple entendre)

      ...he's well clued-up tho.

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