1. Will the Real DMX Logo Please Stand Up?

    Today, December 18th, is DMX ‘s birthday. And wouldn’t you know it, lately Earl Simmons has been highly visible – whether singing a holiday season classic , trying his hand at DJ-ing or discovering the Internet . In fact, it’s like we’re seeing “DMX” everywhere. Only those three letters don’t automatically stand for what we’re used to , as the above gallery of actual “DMX” logos (no Photoshop shenanigans) demonstrates.


    DMX Tutorials.

    “Who we be?” “How’s it going down?” “What you niggaz want?”

    DMX Tutuorials answers all of life’s tough questions.

    Droid Modder X.

    Where my droids at?

    DMX by Yoon.

    Where tha hoot at?

    DMX Austria.

    Vere my dogs at?

    Deli MeX.

    A fiesta in your Belly.

    DMX Plastics Mold Barrier.

    Y’all gonna make me lose my mold up in here, up in here.

    DMX Motorsport.

    Preferred by ruff ryders everywhere.

    Diagnostic Mobile X-Ray.

    X-ray gonna give it to you. (Radiation.)

    Digital Media Exchange.

    It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, but not this logo, it’s mad colorful, yo.


    Feather of my Feather, Beak of my Beak.

    Delivering Maxcellence.

    Stop being greedy. Start making up words.

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