1. Django Unchained
    Action Figures Cause Controversy.


    As many of you already know, Quentin Tarantino 's Django Unchained is no stranger to controversy. Debate has not died down over what some say is excessive use of the n-word in the bloody slave revenge flick starring Jamie Foxx . Now things are heating up again over what some feel is insensitive marketing in the form of Django toy collectibles manufactured by NECA and currently ranging in price from $34.99 to $54.99 a piece on Amazon.

    “Selling slaves as action figures is a slap in the face of our ancestors,"said Najee Ali, Director of Project Islamic Hope, who is organizing a national boycott of the 8" toys. "Tarantino and [executive producers Bob and Harvey] Weinstein didn’t have action figures for their movie Inglorious Basterds because they know the Jewish community would never allow it and the African-American community shouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect our ancestors.”

    So what do you all think? Is this Unchained reaction an over reaction or justified? Let us know in the comments section, please.


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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Redigulous

      trust the 'Director of Project Islamic Hope' to turn this BS into a jewish conspiracy smh

    • kneelbeforetigers

      Hmmm, interesting. I kind of see the orgs point, how come there aren't action figures for Inglorious Basterds? If Tarantino was consistent, I don't see how this would have been a problem. (EDIT: and consider me corrected-- there are Inglorious Basterds action figures!! http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.aspx?menu=2223)

    • TRUTHteller

      but at the same damn time, they're selling another racial stereotype (WHITE SLAVEOWNERS) as well.

      come the fuck on.

      everybody needs to stop being such oversensitive pussies.

      shut the fuck up and go cry into your pillow by yourself.


    • http://twitter.com/Cheesesteakwid BigBen

      yeah total crap. watch and weep when it wins oscars

    • distance88

      --"White people are victims of stereotypes, TOO!!"

      --Telling people when they are allowed to be offended.

      Oooooooooooo... so close to scoring a 'privileged fuck' trifecta. Why don't you heed your own advice and stop being such an "oversensitive pussy" whenever people feel they're being (racially) disrespected.

    • bboycult

      Fuck what Spike et al. say; I am near 100% sure MY ancestors would have LOVEd to get the opportunity to see BOth a post-racial POTUS and Django put the whip to those racist crackas in his crushed blue haberdashery! Just like I loved seeing a Jewish Seal Team 6 shoot Hitlers face into oblivion....The BeAr Juden! ( it ain't happen historically, but I loved it just the same) Mothafuckas need to grow up though, cause its not about the kids (kids I know will spit a 8" doll back @ you like a baby)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Thomas-Butcher/506086193 Matthew Thomas Butcher

      Only a film. Only toys. Is there seriously nothing else Najee has to do?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Thomas-Butcher/506086193 Matthew Thomas Butcher

      There were loads of Inglorious toys.
      Najee can get to fuck and worry about something real now.

    • LMNOpRich1

      That movie was hardcore I don't know why so many people are mad by it I thought it was a good movie classic tarantino "ughh he said the n word so many times"so the fuck what that's how shit was back in the days sad to say but you can't sugar coat something like that and try to be accurate with it plus I mean come on its quentin tarantino what did you expect puppy dogs and peaceful living of all colors? you should already know how he does i for 1 think it was great like so many other of my favorite tarantino movies i was dead laughing when he had pac playing in the back ground when jamie fox started fucking shit up

    • http://twitter.com/GariBuX15 Garibubu Princess

      Oh wow. You just went super saiyan 3 in terms of hypocrisy. The trifecta is complete.