1. AUDIO: DJ Woo-D ft. gdin. "Smeđi Šečer- Seksi Ploča" (Sorta NSFW).

    Our dude DJ Woo-D from Slovenia makes the trip in to New York each summer to rock the outdoor park jams uptown. But he obviously stays on his, uh, grind warming ish up year round from home with mixes like this: an expertly blended collection of erotic jazzy-prog-psyche-funk tracks that may or may not be sourced out from foreign porn soundtracks (occasional NSFW-ish moaning over some of the beats). Since our Slovenian is a lil' rusty these days we can't honestly tell you much about this - other than it could prove useful next time you're looking to privately recreate that scene from your favorite Russ Meyer flick. Plus, at around 17:58 some nameless '60s chick ecstatically exclaims, "Oh, my sweet gangster!" DOPE, man.

    Dj Woo-D feat. gdin. Smeđi Šečer- Seksi Ploča (2011) by Dj Woo-D

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