1. DJ Sheep — Winter Bluntz: Blunt Two (AUDIO).

    Freshly rolled mix from Down Under, DJ Sheep’s dope Winter Bluntz sequel is here.

    DJ Sheep says: Hey everyone on the Internetz — I’ve been so damn busy re-jigging the studio over the past month that I didn’t have time to get on the turntables until yesterday… I hopped on them suckers, hit record and here are the fruits of that affair for your listening pleasure. All done in one take, no preparation, just a erratic journey into the mind of a beat obsessed, scratchaholic OCD record junkie with a super short attention span. A lot of ground is covered on this mix… a gang of samples, both used and unused, library records, soul, funk, disco, hip-hop, Australian records, Japanese stuff, drum breaks, b-boy breaks, bongo breaks, turntablist works, electronic stuff, some mega RAER acapella blends with funk loops on the fly… and a couple of fresh new beats from DJ Honda and Matty Fresh

    I hope you all enjoy this series… I’m trying to take what I learned from that Soulman World Of Beats 2 mixtape back in the day that started me on this beat mission. Over 25 years of collecting records, it’s time to drop some gems on the world and try carry on the “break mix” / “mixtape” tradition. I hope you enjoy. Contact details are on this Soundcloud page . If you wanna get a MP3, or drop me a donation to the cau$e, drop me a line, djsheep@gmail.com. Peace. Stay High.

    Recorded July 31, 2014

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