1. DJ Sheep — Spring Breakz: Episode III Mix (AUDIO).

    The grand finale.

    DJ Sheep says: The first 7 minutes is where I’m at musically. Wu-Tang go 8-bit and meet the Super Mario Brothers . Biggie & Mic Geronimo hit the Italian library section. Pharcyde gets a jazzy make-over and T-La Rock goes very mellow: “Everything’s fixed, now listen to the mix.” Dark deep jazz, funk, action, drama, razor sharp soul, gritty disco, libraries, rock, electronic/experimental/avant, mellow grooves and heavy drums. I dug deep into the archives but dropped classic samples throughout to keep ya’ll reminiscing. Two cover versions of Bob James seminal crate classic, “Nautilus,” vintage live Run-D.M.C. , Puffy and B.I.G. and some radio spots too.

    Next up: DIGGIN101.COM : A brand new format for 2015. Hong Kong and Taiwan, I’ll be there in the next week or so to start on this project. Details on my Facebook and how you can be involved in the coming weeks.

    Recorded Live on November 11, 2014

    ($heep also sez: Downloads for both the Winter Bluntz and Spring Breakz trilogies in 320k format available at djsheep.bigcartel.com . Both Trilogies & $ALAMANDER $TREET MA$$ACRE on CD, t-shirts, special USB package, SHEEPMIX 7″ 45s, etc. Follow on Twitter to be updated. Your support is greatly appreciated. Peace.)

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