1. Miami Night Club Issues Formal Apology to
    DJ Shadow For Kicking Him Off the Set.


    As you may have heard, last weekend DJ Shadow was unceremoniously asked to stop DJ-ing at a gig on his All Basses Covered tour at club Mansion in Miami for playing a set that was deemed "too futuristic" by the club's promoters. The incident was captured on fan video and Shadow fans on the Interwebz had a field day bashing the club and its promoters. Now, Mansion has issued a formal public apology to the DJ/producer.

    Mansion Nightclub, Miami:

    "We offer our most sincere apologies to DJ Shadow and his fans for his set being cut short at Mansion this past weekend. This error should not have happened and will not happen again, especially as we pride ourselves on creating an environment that cultivates and respects innovators such as DJ Shadow. We have learned a lot from this error and made changes within our organization to ensure that Mansion’s vision, and the vision of our guests, will never be compromised again."

    Whether this means Shadow will be invited back to Mansion is anyone's guess. But based on one of Shadow's post Mansion-gate tweets from last week everyone involved may just wanna keep it moving.

    [via djshadow.com ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • deluszt

      ! famously stated he doesnt sample from bootlegs on some of his record...a 1000% overated dj.... (sorry but shadow is a bubble scratch dj)

    • ernie_ranch_newyork

      DJ Shadow has had his day. Never rated his records anyhow... Music for 90's hipsters

    • Lyndon

      Please read the Wiki entry on his album Endtroducing..... then listen to it and his Soundtrack to the award winning movie "Dark Days". If you can say that again with a straight face you have a bright future in politics.

    • Lyndon

      They really never should have booked him there considering their clientele and business model. What's strange is that they hyped him on their Facebook page with a preview of his "All Bases Covered" set with an excited message about him coming to play it. There's some disconnect between promotion and management at The Mansion. I suppose that's not too surprising considering they're owned by a corporate management company, details, messages and methods tend to get muddled in large companies when big money is in play.

    • mike wazowski

      you know what! just watching you kid's inbreeding into trash is hilarious!!!! you are soooo crap you don't even know it! hahahahahaha!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/devon.cory Devon Cory

      I try not to get into it, but really, let's ease up on the overrated comments. He flawlessly DJ'd for years well before computer software could cover up imperfections...let alone do the DJing for you.

      Besides being one of the best turntablists of his time (and probably still today), he was one of the first artists to release and make an instrumental Hip-Hop album acceptable, let alone classic. Let's not even get into his Hip-Hop IQ, because I have some his old mixtapes from the 90's, and he was killing it then too.

      These dickhead kids nowadays. This is like me in the 90's saying that Grand Master Flash was overrated. Christ.

      ...I was in Best Buy the other day and I thought I heard a bunch of people testing out washers and dryers, but it turns out that is was just some dubstep playing. Cute.

    • http://www.facebook.com/devon.cory Devon Cory

      Not really '90's hipster music' either. It's more like 'I'd get high with my friends, eat Wendy's and zone out' music. Ernie's comment was a little hipster itself i think.