1. DJ Shadow Asked to Stop DJ-ing at Miami Club (VIDEO).

    This past Friday night DJ Shadow appeared at Miami nightclub Mansion to spin as part of his “All Basses Covered” tour. Apparently, however, at some point during Shadow’s set the promoters of the party decided they weren’t feeling Shadow’s selections. So much so that one of them interrupted Shadow to ask him to stop DJ-ing so that another DJ could get back on to resume banging the hits. Shadow complied but not before getting on the mic to inform the crowd that he was being booted for playing too “future.”

    Club patron Eric Carbonell posted the above phone video accompanied by the following status update on his Facebook wall: “Shadow getting booted off so DJ No Máz can go back on. Stood in long line. Paid $30 cover and $18.00 drinks waiting patiently only for this to happen. Sorry Shadow.”

    Meanwhile, Shadow took to the Twitter with a simple statement:

    All of which begs a couple of questions: 1) Do promoters at these big room bottle service venues actually book DJs based on some familiarity of their musical style? (We’re gonna go out a limb and guess, no, in this particular instance.) And 2) How much responsibility, if any, does the DJ assume in such scenarios to adjust his/her set knowing the crowd may not be the most musically open-minded?

    [via Pigeons & Planes ]

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