1. DJ Shadow Asked to Stop DJ-ing at Miami Club (VIDEO).


    This past Friday night DJ Shadow appeared at Miami nightclub Mansion to spin as part of his "All Basses Covered" tour. Apparently, however, at some point during Shadow's set the promoters of the party decided they weren't feeling Shadow's selections. So much so that one of them interrupted Shadow to ask him to stop DJ-ing so that another DJ could get back on to resume banging the hits. Shadow complied but not before getting on the mic to inform the crowd that he was being booted for playing too "future."

    Club patron Eric Carbonell posted the above phone video accompanied by the following status update on his Facebook wall: "Shadow getting booted off so DJ No Máz can go back on. Stood in long line. Paid $30 cover and $18.00 drinks waiting patiently only for this to happen. Sorry Shadow."

    Meanwhile, Shadow took to the Twitter with a simple statement:

    All of which begs a couple of questions: 1) Do promoters at these big room bottle service venues actually book DJs based on some familiarity of their musical style? (We're gonna go out a limb and guess, no, in this particular instance.) And 2) How much responsibility, if any, does the DJ assume in such scenarios to adjust his/her set knowing the crowd may not be the most musically open-minded?

    [via Pigeons & Planes ]

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcus-White/1440550859 Marcus White


    • http://twitter.com/makalicious makalicious

      wack is right. i'd be fucking pissed. i went to shadow's all bases covered show when he played in calgary and it was one of the best shows i've been to. it was probably the venue, the joint where he played here was all hip hop heads that were going bananas.

    • http://twitter.com/phops802 Patrick Hopkins

      I recognized that song in a second...and any house/tech/progressive fan would too.

    • mike wazowski

      Crumbs! you built your life on this kids work! you built your shit on this niggas dick! "introducing" born all you punk ass little niggas! fam you cant even name shit before that!

    • Lyndon

      As a DJ I tend to adjust a little bit. But if I'm booked for a show the promoter must know who the F I am if they're going to bother. Otherwise they could go with any sync button wannabe willing to play top 40.

      In the case of the legendary DJ Shadow, they know full well who they're booking. There's no point in paying his fee if you don't want him to be DJ Shadow. He's in good company here, Dennis Ferrer was booted from the decks at this club earlier this year.

      Mark Farina was kicked off the decks in Vegas days before he was to play the Electric Daisy Carnival. And that club was host to some of the events.

      These clubs try book high profile DJs to push their clout but don't care about music integrity or music fans, they're there to make as much money as possible from their bottle service. I hope DJs start boycotting whack clubs like this.

    • Carbonado

      Shadow is a Legend. The nerve of some nobody promotor booting DJ Shadow off the decks is a crazy idea to me! I mean... Asking shadow to play top forty is like asking 2 chainz to spit Talib Kweli Verses!

    • o_b_d

      Miami. LOL

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC623EBSIS7DRY3BMO755YMQ7I Evol Flower

      What's the song name and who's the artist? Just curious, I liked it...