1. DJ Ross One Shows You That It Ain't Easy Being a Club DJ — But It Sure Is Funny (VIDEO).


    "Oh, it's sooooo easy to be a club DJ." Pardon us for sleeping on this video starring the homie Oakley Sunglasses Cheap DJ Ross One Knockoff Oakleys . From Scribble Jam to Tao, dude has spun for some hard to please crowds and understands his skill trade well. He's also got a very good sense of humor - as "Keep It Moving" demonstrates. Fake Oakleys Replica Oakley Sunglasses Replica Oakleys (Hey, he was a contributor to Cheap Oakleys ego trip's Big Book of Racism! ) Features cameos by Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri, Pitbull, Crooked (seen above performing the two-handed knob turning technique), Graham Funke, Stonerokk, Roctakon and more.

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