1. Hip-Hop Pioneer DJ Rockin' Rob on the Original Mean Machine Crew (VIDEO).

    WATCH: Hip-Hop Pioneer DJ Rockin’ Rob On the Original Mean Machine Crew.

    8 Million Stories: DJ Rockin' Rob from Andreas Vingaard on Vimeo .

    Part 2 of Andreas Vingaard's "8 Million Stories" video portraits series of classic New Yorkers . Here, hip-hop pioneer DJ Rockin' Rob discusses his days throwing down at Clark Park in the Bronx with the original Mean Machine crew - not to be confused with the group that recorded "Disco Dream" for Sugarhill Records. Rob recalls the crew's methods for stealing electricity out of the traffic light pole, shares his technique for covering up break records, and remembers the moment when he heard the other Mean Machine on the radio. You can catch Rob - still one of the nicest of all-time on the wheels of steel - spinning at a Tools of War-sponsored park jam near you every summer.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Ivory

      Humble and gifted to the fullest.

    • oskamadison

      "...That's cool y'all can play in the parks but makin' records is where the money is at..." That's crazy. You mean a DJ as nice as Rob couldn't find no MC's to cut for and get put on? As much of a Hip-Hop as I am, I'm somewhat embarrased to admit that I JUST discovered this cat maybe a couple of months ago. This dude's name should ring bells like Flash, Bambaataa, Herc, Theodore and the rest of those cats.

    • egotrip

      It's more a testament to what a humble, down to earth dude Rob is that his name isn't regularly mentioned w/ the greats. But credit Tools of War's park jams during the summers in NYC - & the magic of vid clips of those jams uploaded onto the Interwebz - for finally bringing his talents to wider attention.

    • Mix Master Tommy Tee

      My homie Rockin Rob I'll never forget our battle in Clark Park in the BX caught up with him at the Mitchell projects reunion in 2015 he's still a classy brother. The battle was live and Rob got the nod but we both have a mutual respect for each other to this day.

    • Mix Master Tommy Tee

      Rob had dope MC's back in the days of the Parks we didn't have the benefit of record deals we were doing before rappers delight and all that. His crew was the Mean Machine and they had dope routines including Danvers and MC's.