1. TONIGHT: Rockin’ Rob, Chuck City & Breakbeat Lou at Academy Records (NYC).

    NYC peeps: This evening at Academy Records in Manhattan a trio of OGs will be gracing the wheels of steel, and their collective pedigree is damn impressive. Rockin’ Rob is, frankly, one of the best to ever touch the turntables. His partner Chuck City goes all the way back to the Black Spades days. And Breakbeat Lou , of course, helped put together this little compilation series you might have heard of called Ultimate Breaks & Beats . Schedule your Memorial Day weekend plans accordingly. Vital stats and a classic video treat after the jump…

    WHAT: Rockin’ Rob, Chuck City & Breakbeat Lou live at Academy Records (NYC)
    WHERE: 415 East 12th St. (b/t 1st Avenue & Avenue A)
    WHEN: Sunday, May 27th, 2012, 6pm
    HOW: FREE!

    Rockin’ Rob at Academy Records, 2009. Never get tired of this. (Shouts to K-Prince for the upload.)

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