1. WATCH: DJ Quik Goes Shopping at Amoeba Records, Hollywood.

    For the latest installment of Amoeba Records’ always fascinating “What’s In Your Bag?” video series, the great DJ Quik talks shop(ping) , sharing some vinyl, CD, and DVD purchases that he made on a recent swing through the Hollywood super-store. If you’re like us you always knew Quik was one cool-ass dude. But here, while watching Compton’s finest recall how his mom made him listen to Millie Jackson’s filthy, x-rated Live & Outrageous as a child, praise Leroy Hutson’s fly gear (“Dope loafers!”), confess that the Beatles’ “A Day In the Life,” “scares the hell out of [him] still,” or eloquently describe Richard Pryor as “profane but profound,” it Quik-ly becomes apparent that he may, in fact, be the coolest motherfucker of all-time. “Vinyl is actually carbon,” this esteemed maestro concludes. “And it’s played by a diamond. So even the fuckin’ sound of it is expensive.” Rich forever.

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