1. DJ Qbert & Yogafrog Are Exploring The Future of DJ Technology.


    (Photos: Joysco Studio)

    Thud Rumble , the company founded by Invisibl Skratch Piklz 's Richard "DJ Qbert” Quitevis and Ritche "Yogafrog” Desuasido , is working on ways for DJs to utilize digital advancement without having to hook up to a laptop, thus cutting out the need to stare at a computer screen and bringing the focus back to rocking the tables.

    From the official press release: The engineers at Thud Rumble have taken the Intel Edison board, a compute module the size of a postage stamp that includes a CPU, MCU, memory, storage and built-in WiFi, and paired it with three commonly utilized DJ and production instruments – a Stanton STR8-150 turntable, a Native Instruments Kontrol S25 keyboard, and a Maschine by Native Instruments. The integration of the Intel Edison technology eliminates the necessity of connecting a computer to your instrument to control track selection and live production… With the use of Intel technology, Thud Rumble has returned the art form back to its roots… while still utilizing the convenience of digital audio files. In lieu of a computer, the artist simply inserts their USB drive of personally selected music they wish to use in the live set. ….Aside from eliminating the need to connect a traditional computer to your equipment, Thud Rumble has also inserted sensor based technology into the the turntable that records the record, platter, and tonearm movement. The sensor technology allows soundwave data to be captured, which can then be translated in normal DJ sets or manipulated by the user in any experimental fashion.

    “This is next level. Intel’s technology is enabling us to connect the power of computing directly into our gear which is opening up new frontiers for us as DJs. We’ve already dreamed up a few applications, but we’re barely getting started on what is possible with this innovation.” – DJ Qbert

    For more, you can watch this video here .

    [Via Thud Rumble ]

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