1. DJ Pings — Mini Mix No. 1 (AUDIO).


    Here’s another quick mix that slipped through the cracks when it was sent to us about a month or so ago. Similar vibe to the DJ P. one . Check it out…

    Pings says: "Originally I was just going to do these mini mixes for myself for some iPod action, but then I thought it might be nice to post them up via Dephect [Clothing] . The idea is that each mix will fit into the next, so it's like an ongoing project. All very simple, not really about skills, just dope music, hip-hop and breaks.”

    Track List:

    K-Def - Scene DJ
    Step Brothers - Dr. Kimble
    Cappo - Thousand Word Exodus
    Breaks Dig
    Mark B & Blade - Bad Day (Instrumental)
    M9 - Amulets
    Damu - Fades Em' Gone (Organ Grinder)
    Damu - Bizzard
    Damu - Parishabell

    BONUS: Pings — "Look Again” from the instrumental EP Look by Pings and Mr Brown.

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