1. People Who Don’t DJ But Have DJ Names: Steve Mix.

    NBA lockout or no NBA lockout at least we have our memory of old school hoops players who sound like they’d do as much damage on the wheels of steel as on the glass. Hence, our inaugural People Who Don’t DJ But Have DJ Names: Steve Mix. The Toledo-bred power forward played 13 pro seasons, and is a member of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame. He can be regularly seen on NBA TV’s classic playoff game rebroadcasts playing for the 76ers, with whom he reached the finals three times but never won a ring. (The fourth time he went to the finals was with the Lakers, and they wound up getting swept by the Sixers. Damn, that must have sucked.) Well, Steve, you may not possess the hardware, but you’ll always be a champion in our book thanks to your DJ-compatible moniker, which remarkably bridges the worlds of rebounds and rewinds. Astute Google-ers may notice that there’s actually “DJ Steve B Mix” out there. Possible late life career change for the Mix master? We can only live and hope. Hit ’em, Steve.

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