1. DJ Mz Rizk — Tall Black Guy Mix (AUDIO).


    (Art: Andrew Gibbs)

    Familiarize yourselves with Sir Tall Black Guy if you ain’t had the pleasure to already with this splendid mix.

    DJ Mz Rizk says Tall Black Guy is one of my favourite producers/beat makers. I could speak about how brilliant his work is but I would rather the beats do the “talking.” I hope you enjoy this mix of TBG flips, beats, blaps and edits that I put together just ahead of his Australian Tour .

    DJ Mz Rizk — Tall Black Guy Mix Tracklist:

    I Used To Love H.E.R (Tall Black Guy Remix) – Common

    You Ain’t The One (Tall Black Guy Remix) – Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten Orchestra

    What’s Good (I Feel Good Flip Up By TBG) – James Brown

    I Don’t Want To Leave (Sure Know How To Love Me Re-Edit) Darondo Feat. TBG

    Sexci Senhora – Tall Black Guy

    Sade’s Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up) – Tall Black Guy

    Gentle Side – Tall Black Guy

    Rock The Stage (Rock With You) – Tall Black Guy VS Michael Jackson

    Funky Drummer (Tall Black Guy Re-Edit) – James Brown

    The 1 4 Me – Tall Black Guy

    The Middleman (Tall Black Guy Instrumental) – Essa

    Where To Look (I.Hayes & His Band Edit) –Tall Black Guy + Isaac Hayes

    From Home To Work And Back – Tall Black Guy

    Whenever It Comes To You – Tall Black Guy

    Listen And Research – Tall Black Guy

    Mon Amie De’Troit Feat. Ozay Moore – Tall Black Guy

    Make Life Better (TBG Blap-Up) – Night’s Over Egypt

    Searchin For Sounds – Tall Black Guy

    Move Love (Tall Black Guy Remix) – Robert Glasper Experiment & King

    [Via cratesofjr.blogspot ]

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