1. DJ Muro: Diggin' In the States

    Newly added to our BLOGZ department: Tokyo's finest, DJ Muro, a/k/a "The King of Diggin'," shares a few photographic memories and off-the-cuff images from his recent trip to NYC (with a quick run up to Boston to do some - what else? - record digging). Between rockin' the EVR-airwaves with Pete Rock, curating cheap dining options, and staying fortified on a steady diet of Sapporro and cigarettes, there is but one conclusion we can arrive at given a glimpse into his universe: God dang we love the life he lives!

    Peep the royal record wrangler's gallery here .


  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://www.anti-est.org anti-est.org

      Looking through that gallery offered some incredible ART and potential concepts. Shout-out to the photographer and all those locations photographed.

      "Remain -Anti-"