1. DJ MP45 — Louisiana 1989-1994 Rap Mixx (AUDIO).


    “This is not a New Orleans Bounce mixx. This is a strictly rap mixx."

    Vinyl only mix

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Colin Meneghini

      Haven't listened yet but Dang...
      That 19921993 39 Posse (with Producer KLC in photo) Black & White 8" X10" Promo photo is either mine or one other persons' from New Orleans photo.
      I'm curious how did DJ MP45 get ahold of these images (since most of these thumbnail images are Cassette covers and other Ephemera) and this is a strictly vinyl mix.

      I couldn't find Info about DJ MP45. I'm guessing he's one of the European (Italian Swiss, German) rap collectors/hoarders? Low chance of this mix being a New Orleans DJ or a US based rap nerd (such as Noz).

      Thanks EgoTrip. Any info would be highly appreciated.

    • antti

      yo the picture is on discogs.com, not too hard to find

    • Marcello Mpfortyfive

      hi Colin, i had to take the pictures from discogs as i only collect (not hoard :) ) vinyl as i wanted to put a face on all these artists, otherwise i would have had to put the pictures of the records which i thought wouldn't look as good.hope you enjoyed the mix.peace

    • Angela Cunha

      I loved this Rap Mix.. really DOPE... Could anyone send the tracklist please...

    • Marcello Mpfortyfive

      i've posted the tracklist in the comments on the mixcloud page of the mix. Thanks for listening!