1. AUDIO: DJ Monk-One — “Big Fun, Little Mix” (Free Download).

    Our friend DJ Monk-One recently dropped a damn fresh mix for Wax Poetics dedicated to Big Fun in the Big Town , the superb ’80s NYC hip-hop documentary recently released on DVD that’s got folks steady pressing rewind whilst blowin’ minds. Not only does the 30-minute mix kick ass – incorporating snippets of film dialog along with classic tracks – but little did we realize that Monk actually kinda scooped this whole Bob James’ “Take Me To the Mardi Gras” without-the-bells thing on the humble with his own bells-less flip (@3:50 for those who wanna cut to the chase). But don’t take our word for how good this ish is, hear for yourself…

    For more on what inspired Monk to make this mix, visit Wax Poetics .

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