1. AUDIO: DJ Kozi - "Les morceaux de Sucre" (The Sugar Mixtape).


    Via our peeps at Gasface in Paris: DJ Kozi (Paris, HHR) has put together a great cross-genre mix of "sugar"-themed classics to commemorate The International Contemporary Art Biennal (in Lyon, France)'s opening of Le Sucre, Lieu éphémère . Don't let the sweet schematic herein fool you - ain't nothin' tutti fructose 'bout this well fortified program of Peruvian funk, live Stones, Beastie breaks, go-go, and soul classics etc. Listen and check tracklist below.

    Les morceaux de Sucre by le sucre

    Tracklist : True Romance skit - Rolling Stones : brown sugar - Wild Sugar : bring it here - Sugarhill Gang : apache - Les Valseuses skit - Kool & The Gang : sugar - Experience Unlimited : knock him out sugar ray - Stevie Wonder : sugar - Donny Hathaway : sugar tee - O.C. : sugar - Black Sugar : when you’re walking – Mr. White skit - Bobbi Humphrey : sweeter than sugar – Suga : what’s up star - AZ ft. Miss Jones : sugar hill (l.e.s. remix) - Black Sugar : the looser - D'Angelo : brown sugar

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