1. That Time DJ Honda Hooked Up With The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Common & Problemz For Two Different Versions of "Out For The Cash" (MUSIC VIDEOS).


    To paraphrase Fat Joe , from New York to Japan, that ninja DJ Honda is the man. Back in '95, he rounded up some of his Relativity label mates ( Beatnuts , Joey Crack and Common ) for the track "Out For The Cash." As it turned out, the U.S. issue of his h album had a different version of said song than the Japanese release (diff'rent beat, diff'rent lyrics and Problemz replaced Com's verse). Both got videos. Let's flashback to them now, shall we?


    DJ Honda ft. Beatnuts, Fat Joe & Common — "Out For The Cash (5 Deadly Venoms Mix)" Music Video (1995).

    Not sure what's crazier: Everyone rhymin' in the booth at the same time or everybody riding the subway and lookin' like they enjoy it.

    (Props to djhonda3)

    DJ Honda ft. Fat Joe, The Beatnuts & Problemz — "Out For The Cash (U.S. Version)" Music Video (1996).

    The fellas go all ski mask way, giving zero fucks for NYC traffic laws in the process.

    (Props to djhonda3)

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • rap

      dj honda was one of THE dudes to do it.

    • T-Bag

      Never hear Problemz come weak. Where is Black Attack, dude is so ill!

    • devon

      There's actually a 3rd version on the vinyl single for this track. It's another beat for the version that Common is on. Also dope, I usually bust out both versions when I take out the 12'.

    • Problemz

      Peace , Much Respect ....