1. NEW MUSIC: DJ Format ft. Mr. Lif - "Terror."

    NEW MUSIC: DJ Format ft. Mr. Lif – “Terror.”

    More goodness from DJ Format's forthcoming Statement of Intent LP . Here, the Brighton, UK-based producer teams with Bostonian Mr. Lif for an exploration of all things thematically torturous . Screams (and Lord Finesse vocal samples - definitely not squeamish) punctuate Format's break-laden production. Lif continues to be that emcee able to effortlessly merge monotonic rasp and complexity of rhyme pattern like few others (not that such things are mutually exclusive, but still). There's even a sighting of the so-called "hashtag" flow with, "Your face explode - Scanners ." Rhymes with: "The crowd just goes bananas." So do we. Now available for pre-order on iTunes .

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    • steve

      No Comments??!! This shit is phat, fat, flavor, phlavor.

    • egotrip

      We agree!