1. NEW MUSIC: DJ Format ft. Edan – “Spaceship Earth.”


    Traveling at magnificent speeds around the universe, DJ Format’s new collab with Edan, “Spaceship Earth,” is perhaps the perfect marriage imaginable of its participants’ creative strong suits : Format, the UK producer whose break-mining never strays too far out the b-boy circle – even in this, a more psyche rock-influenced context; Edan, “intense but eloquent,” a lyricist whose syllabic fluidity is matched by the reliably unique imagery in his verbiage. Don’t mind the shards of guitar feedback flying past. You’re too busy balancing on elephants, or charting the planet’s path around the sun. The dizzying velocity eventually gives way to a brief descending bass bridge and lip raspberries that crash in a fiery finish. Space – now and forever – still the place.

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