1. WATCH: DJ Format ft. Edan - "Spaceship Earth" (Music Video).


    We're honestly not sure whether this is the "official" music video for DJ Format's stupendous collab with Edan, "Spaceship Earth." Neither can we guarantee that the frenetically edited footage of skaters traversing the streets and tube tunnels of the UK won't cause some of you motion sickness. We can tell you that director Tim Crawley of timc.tv did a damn nice job visually matching the energy of the song (already one of our favorites of '12). We'd be tempted to also try rolling around town ghostriding, grabbing handfuls of autumn leaves  and whatnot, but we think we pulled a hamstring just watching (hey, maybe we could have hosted the Oscars last night).

    DJ Format's Statement of Intent (Project Blue Book) is on sale now .

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