1. DJ Esquire & Tim Martell — Rarities 3 (Rare ’80s) Mix (AUDIO).

    Take some time off from the non-stop rap listening and let off some steam with the addictive third installment of DJs Tim Martell and Esquire ’s crowd-pleasing Rarities series which focuses on ‘80s songs that you most likely have forgotten the names of, or haven’t heard since you threw away your Members Only jackets. (By the way, this mix contains the song your boy with the lotion was being all creepy to in Silence of the Lambs .)

    DJ Esquire says: “This mixtape was inevitable. We have been battling back and forth that one has more track or knows more ’80s songs than other for a while! People should expect to be taken on a great ride back to a time when music was fun when they listen to this fix.”

    Check out Part 2 here .

    Track List:

    DJ Esquire & Tim Martell Combo:
    1) Blues Brothers Intro
    2) Penguins’ Invasion – Scotch
    3) The Heart of the City – Chris Luis
    4) Goodbye Horses – Q Lazzarus
    5) Ride on Time – Black Box
    6) She’s a Super Lady – Luther Vandross
    7) I’m A Lady – Heaven Sent & Ecstacy
    8) I Don’t Wanna Come Down – Mark Scott

    DJ Esquire:
    9) Secret – Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark
    10) Call Me Mr. Telephone – Answering Service
    11) Pretty Young Girl – Bad Boys Blue
    12) Satisfaction Love & Passion – Duke Lake
    13) Sexy Movie – Flexi Cowboys
    14) When I Let You Down – Robert Tomasi
    15) Sex Tonight – Brian Martin

    Tim Martell:
    16) Echo Beach – Martha And the Muffins
    17) All You Ever Think About Is Sex – Sparks
    18) Hot You’re Cool – General Public
    19) To Cut a Long Story Short – Spandau Ballet
    20) Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight – Lime
    21) Melody – Plustwo
    22) Eyes (Dub Mix) – Cilo

    (Thanks to Sena Senchy)

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