1. DJ Esquire & Tim Martell — Rarities 2 (Rare-'80s) Mix (AUDIO).


    Now this won’t be for everybody, but if you really, really love ‘80s dance music so much you don’t mind at all watching Buffalo Bill tuck himself in and whisper dirty things in the mirror just to hear that one song or if you throw on the Rocky IV soundtrack to hear any track that is not James Brown ’s “Living In America," then this mix is especially for you.

    Although it starts off with a bit of an ironic tone, the cheesiness factor melts away soon enough and settles into a serious fun time, that is if you love the non-rap ‘80s, which we already established earlier. (Don’t make us say it again.)

    Says Esquire & Tim: DJs Tim Martell and Esquire, the modern day Riggs and Murtaugh, have paired up again to bring forward their next "Lethal Weapon"...Rarities 2!! The second installment of the “Rarities” (Rare-80’s) mixtape series brings forth another collection of rare songs from the 80’s that were either not released as singles or fell just under the radar as timeless hits.

    The inspiration behind the hybrid duo’s mix came to DJ Tim Martell by way of DJ Esquire’s online radio show, The Crossover, where he plays all genres of music. After hearing one of his 80s’ sets they started comparing their collections and the idea hit Martell, “I thought because we both have such a specific ear, that we should collaborate and do something with the tracks that we pulled.”

    “This mixtape was inevitable, we have been battling back and forth that one has more track or knows more 80’s songs than other for a while! People should expect to be taken on a great ride back to a time when music was fun when they listen to this fix,” DJ Esquire explains.

    DJ Esquire & Tim Martell — Rarities 2 (Rare-'80s) Mix Tracklist:

    DJ Esquire & Tim Martell Combo:
    1. Ivan Drago Intro
    2. No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper
    3. I Might Lie - Andy Taylor
    4. What Do All The People Know - Monroes
    5. Come Back And Stay - Paul Young
    6. Love Is A Shield - Camouflage
    7. You - Boytronic
    8. We Just - Moses

    DJ Esquire:
    9. Such A Shame - Talk Talk
    10. Fade To Grey - Visage
    11. Happy Children - P. Lion
    12. You're My Heart, You're My Soul - Modern Talking
    13. The Wild Boys - Duran Duran
    14. Happy Station - Fun Fun
    15. Dolce Vita - Ryan Paris
    16. I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) - Taffy

    Tim Martell:
    17. Gravity - Michael Sembello
    18. Ma Quale Idea - Pino D'Anglo
    19. Forever Lovers - Italian Boys
    20. Mammgamma - The Alan Parsons Project
    21. Lost In The Night - Costas Charitodiplomenos
    22. Djuskaj - Boban Petrovic
    23. Dynamite! - Stacy Lattisaw
    24. Red Skies - The Fixx
    25. I'm Freaky - O'Bryan

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • yousuckdonkeyballz

      awesome mixing just wish there was more scratching (like Dj Spinbad)

    • Last First

      Dope! This could use some Young Perry Como vocals tho.