1. DJ DAN C.E. Presents: Motown: RetroFitted Vol.1 (AUDIO).

    Classic soul mixed with neo soul, from Marvin Gaye to Erykah Badu .

    DAN C.E. says: My RetroFitted Series returns with yesterday’s sounds meeting today’s innovtions to bring you tomorrow’s music! The focus is on the legendary Motown Records label and how relevant it still is, 50 years later, to today’s music.

    For this mixtape I curated, I bring you classic Motown tunes across eras, re-interpreted by some of the brightest DJs, remixers and producers of our time showing us that Soul Music still exists and Motown’s brand of Soul has informed them greatly.

    Every song in this mix has some relation to the Motown label unless otherwise noted.*

    This is the first of a series, within a series and I do hope you enjoy it!


    (*In the late 70s/Early 80s, Motown distributed re-issues of Hi Record’s catalog, including Al Green’s albums. Some re-issues even bore the Motown label instead of Hi’s.)

    (**Erykah Badu’s “Sometimes” was released before she became a Motown Artist.)

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