1. DJ Cash Money — Old School Need To Learn-O Plot #1 (AUDIO).

    It’s a blast from the past (or you could say blast from the past from the past) as Philly’s DJ Cash Money digs in his stash of dope, vintage tapes and shares this old old school essential collection, teeming with the talents of pioneers like Funky Four Plus One , Crash Crew , Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five , and more.

    Says Cash Money: This infamous green tape was released around 1994..Out of all the mixes i have done, this tape is my favorite because the songs on this mix is what got me into hip hop. This is hip hop at it’s purest form….This is one of the most sought after mixes i have done..This is my gift to all of my fans..ENJOY!!!!

    (Via DJ Cash Money’s Soundcloud . h/t @theemikeb)

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