1. DJ Bluz — All Of The Above (AOTA) Mix (AUDIO).

    This Friday May 2 there’s gonna be an “all-styles dance party” called All Of The Above (AOTA) at Mercer up in Frisco, and DJ Bluz will be there spinning “his brand of future bass and uptempo soul.” Sounds like a good time. Get a taste of the festivities early, with this mix prepared by Bluz. (And go here for more details on the part-ay.)

    DJ Bluz — AOTA Mix Tracklist:
    LiL Texas — “Anyway Now” (white)
    Tasty Treat — “Nobody Else” (white)
    Thomas White — “Ovation” (feat. Dear Lola) Ariose (Paradisiaca Recordings)
    Jim E Stack — “Bubble Boy” (Body High)
    Salva — “Rest in 3 Piece” Odd Furniture (Friends of Friends)
    Falcons x DJ Hoodboi — “Tick Tock” (white)
    Ryan Hemsworth x Hachioji-P — “フカヨミ” (Hatsune Heater Version) ☺RYANPACKv.1☺ (white)
    Cashmere Cat — “With Me (Stwo Edit)” (white)
    Mikos Da Gawd ft. Telefresco — “Shake” (Soulection)
    Kingdom ft. Kelela — “Bank Head” Vertical XL (Fade to Mind)
    Louis Futon — “Felt” Alright Alright (white)
    Janet Jackson — “Come Back to Me (AC Mix)” (white)
    Silk — “Freak Me” Lose Control (Keia/Elektra)
    Jodeci — “Freak N’ You (Tokimonsta Fricknyoo Remix)” (white)
    813 — “Village (Obey City Remix)” Espoir Voyage (Apothecary Compositions)
    Alizzz — “What If” Sunshine (Mad Decent)
    Rihanna — “Stay (Branchez Bootleg)” (white)
    Evil Needle — “Champion Sound” Equilibrium (HW&W Recordings)
    Sango — “No One Else” North (Soulection)
    Samuel Truth— “J+D” (white)
    Vindata ft. Kenzie May — “All I Really Need” For One to Follow (Symbols Recordings)

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