1. DJ Bacon — ‘Fear Of An O.G.’ Megamix (Public Enemy & Ice-T Tribute) (AUDIO).

    DJ Bacon says: “Public Enemy toured here with Ice-T in ’92 and it was the first gig I ever saw…. I was 14 and my parents waited in the car outside the show around the corner for me. Rap was still very much an alternative underground movement then and looked upon with suspicion by the mainstream. I’ve had a passion for music like this since the ’80s – and it’s bands like Public Enemy that inspire me to keep pushing the boundaries as a DJ with over 20 years in the game. I still play jams from these two artists regularly when I DJ live and when I’m putting a mix like this together in the studio I’m thinking of the real hip-hop lovers all the time. Public Enemy means so much to so many heads. I had to make sure this mix was fresh as fuck….. for my own sanity and to maintain the integrity of the work of these legends.”

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