1. Shiznit We Slept On: Dirty Dancing Dominican Puppet (VIDEO).

    Whether it’s a flashback to Snoop getting mauled by a big ol’ puppet bird or Shaq and his muppet replica spazzin’ out to Pun & Joey Crack or just reminiscing on the time El-P met the Biz Puppet , it’s been a whole lot of puppet action goin’ on around here lately. Speaking of action, this street-wise Dominican/Haitian puppet no doubt gets plenty as suggested by the nasty reggaeton-bachata-dancehall hybrid dance moves he busts out with ease. Dios mio , this is one horny puppet.

    (Big ups to the one-and-only Dante Carfagna for droppin’ puppet science on us. Props to SteadyTheFuture for the upload.)

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