1. Diplo's "Got Stoned and Mixed Really Old Records For Half an Hour" Mix (AUDIO).


    The title is pretty self-explanatory. Recently, world famous DJ/producer/musicologist Diplo got high and revisited some classic psych rock-funk material from his record collection - and the result is this cool mix. No official playlist (but tracks by the likes of Donovan, Jimi Hendrix, Dorothy Ashby, Rotary Connection, the Human Race, Jefferson Airplane and more are represented), and there is a message: "don't do drugs." Diplo, on the other hand, should definitely continue to get high and do more mixes.

    [via Pigeons & Planes ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • starsignio hall

      he got me when he put on that US 69 joint. bump.

    • http://www.facebook.com/divinal.pizzaria Divinal Pizzaria

      got high on whaat?

    • Seph

      No just no, this is doing to music what nails do to a chalkboard.

    • resoundrobin

      what's this about????


    • http://bambamland.tumblr.com/ Katt Jones

      Hellz yeah -- music was once so rich with texture & diversity in sound. So much more enjoyable than the formulated cookie-cutout stuffs of today.

    • Dave

      Donovan song's dope.. Biz Markie "I Told You" sample

    • Jason

      Diplo gets high on his fading importance.

    • Realer


    • Tralee

      "Once so rich with texture and diversity in sound" you just described modern electronica.