1. "Bling 47 Breaks Dilla Edition" - DJ Akalepse on "The Last Donut" (VIDEO).


    The latest episode of Oakley Sunglasses Cheap "Bling 47 Breaks Dilla Edition" presents DJ Akalepse Replica Oakleys of Truth & Soul Records discussing the sample source of one of the most beautifulest Dilla beats of all-time: Discount Oakley Sunglasses Donuts Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ' "Last Donut of the Night." Cheap Oakleys Fake Oakleys Says Lepse: "Some of the Dilla stuff is like, wow, look what he did to that. Some of the Dilla stuff is just: that was a great idea. This was one of those, that was a great idea records." Well put.

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